Cullman Regional

Live Exceptional

A hospital is the collection of all it’s different services and product offerings. And a lot of times, it can be a sheer numbers game, where the hospital with the most services comes out on top. But, it can also be a place that holds a community together. A place where your doctor knows your name and knows what’s best for you, on a personal level. Someplace that lends a hand in keeping you on your feet and helps you back up when you happen to fall.

Agency: Frederick Swanston
Creative Director: Dustin Hall
Art Director: Elias Julian
Director: Chuchie Hill
Developers: Tony Staffiero, Caudill Miller


Brand Positioning

They needed an identity that represented all these things. They’re the community-focused hospital that offers wellness resources and expertise to promote a healthy way of life.  


Staying healthy isn’t one choice. It’s a lot of little ones.
That’s why Cullman Regional offers so many.

Socially Active

The hospital wasn't using social media to its full advantage, and our campaign was trying to reach a younger demographic in the community. So, to coincide with the television spots and online pre-roll, the hospital posts a healthy tip or local deal every day of the week.

Video Series

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of a lot of little choices, not a single monumental choice. That's what this video series highlights. The everyday choices we can each make to start living exceptional.


Campaign Site

The goal of the campaign was for people to find their Cullman Regional doctor. And we're defining that as the key piece to a healthy lifestyle. So, everything drives to this central hub where users can find their matching doctor.

Daily Wellness Tips

Every day of the week, whether it's #TakeControlTuesday or #WorkoutWednesday, the hospital posts a friendly wellness tip or deal with a local business. This section on the site is an aggregate that collects all the tips and deals into one location.

Matching Doctors

After choosing a desired specialty, preferred gender, and location users are given a list of matching doctors.

Doctor Interviews

To make the whole flow a little more personal, we also shot brief interviews with each doctor that was accepting new patients.

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