MetroHealth Select came to us with a pretty lofty question:

How do we make a health insurance-like product less confusing for people?

Oh boy. This problem has a few different layers to it.

What exactly is a “health insurance-like product?”

How do we simplify both the visual AND verbal identity?

Who are our users and what’s important to them?

After lots of research and user interviews, we discovered that:

People don’t like digging for information. Especially when it comes to health products.

So, we decided to focus our efforts on four main user-types. We’d structure the flow of the site around their needs & habits, while making sure that their experience was simple & pleasant. Not headache-inducing.


Illustration Style:

Elevator Pitch

Knowing that each of our four user-types is easily turned away by having to dig for information, we created a super navigation that allowed us to structure content in a slightly different manner for each group.

Producers are looking for slightly different information than employers, and members are in search of different content than a prospective member is. 


Not everybody is going to be interested in looking at a neatly curated page that contains only information that’s relevant to them though. So for people who don’t fit into those categories, we created the advantages page as an overview of what Select offers.


Select offers quite a few products, including customized solutions, so it was vital to use recurring design patterns for each of the pages to establish some consistency. But, we also needed to draw enough of a difference between each with imagery and iconography so things didn’t start to blur together. 

So, what's next?


All stakeholders are thrilled with the site, and since the launch conversions are up roughly 200%. We’ve learned a few things throughout the design and development process, and we're already mapping out ways to improve upon the user experience with plans for new, intuitive interactions and additional content to make the experience more seamless and even less daunting.