Tourism, yeah! How do you create a resource for users and a marketing tool for stakeholders, without alienating anyone?

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The Problem

The Stay In Savannah site is packed with useful information, but according to its users and stakeholders, finding anything is a nightmare.

The Solution

Create a visual identity and user experience that prioritizes clarity, without sacrificing simplicity.


Users want stuff quickly. So, designing with empathy in mind, we established a clear hierarchy and used recurring design patterns for the sake of rhythm and consistency.

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After sorting through all the content on the old Stay In Savannah site, we discovered that the Happenings page is the central hub for planning the details of a vacation. And it was confusing. Very confusing.

So, now users can quickly access the three over-arching themes of planning a trip. A map of places to go, a comprehensive A-Z list, or an interactive calendar of things to do.


Savannah is a beautiful, historic city and we could drone on for days about that alone. But, the central purpose of the Stay In Savannah site is to create a central hub for users to explore what the city has to offer and be able to book a hotel room for their vacation in the same place.

So, we’re presenting the hotel options in a beautiful, photographic way in the same vein as the places to go and things to do, for a seamless user experience.

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